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Fishing With Tim March 2014

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March 5, 2014    Pic of a big fish and a client gets em .

Here's a pic of a big fish 28 in long only weighed 10-8 but she had just spawned out if she would have been caught two days before she would have probably weighed over 13 in my opinion she was caught by Kelvin Oakley from New Caney Texas and it was his pb on his first ever trip to falcon Lake go figure not many lakes where you can do that he fished with friend and co worker from South Carolina Mike Parker who wanted to get a fish over 8 lbs because his best ever was 7-1/2 I told him I would do my best in just one day well we got on one over 8 but it was Kelvin who caught it and guess what both were very happy even on a slow day of fishing . Also some pics from Bill who is here for a few days from Illinois and guess what they are getting 15 inches of smow up there right now he's a better fisherman than a camera man Lol good job Bill he fished with me on Thirsday and Friday and we only caught about 8 fish and his best was about 7 lbs but he had a nice day yesterday I told him to fish the area where we caught the 10-8 and it worked out I jade a cancellation and a few days off .

March 12, 2014    Just a few pics not many.

Fish are up and down hot and cold and overall pretty slow for this lake we need some steady weather for at least 2 weeks . I took out some great clients from the Tyler tx area they fished with me last year as well and these guys are real sportsman and fish and hunt all over the country and great clients .


March 13, 2014    Fishing is improving and hunting pics .

Here are some nice fish pics and some hunting pics .


March 15, 2014    Big fish and numbers about time.

Well it's been slow slow slow but just the opposite the last two days starting late the 14 we started getting lots of bites 16 the last hour and a half yesterday and about 80 today that's very good and landed plenty but still lost lots but we were happy to get a lot of bites and full moon and 70 water temp that's what we needed .


March 20, 2014    Tennessee boys from Texas .

Fishing seems to be on the rise we hope it will keep improving and it should . Here are some pics of some nice guys that live in Tennessee and are actually from Texas and a few pics from a scouting trip .

March 22, 2014    Starting to improve we need it .

Fishing overall has improved and there's word of deep fish being caught as well but we are doing pretty good in the jungle and we will be there as long as we can get 20 plus bites a day . Here are some pics with Gregg and Bill from El Paso on Friday and the Wilson's on sat we had a ball both days different people from different places and the same result having fun on the water you got to love it .


March 23, 2014    Fishing is picking up but another front.

Here are some nice fish caught right before and right after a front we lost an 8 lb fish today so we still got a big bite after the front . Also a pic of a gar that I killed with my boat I hit it one day and the next day we found it dead in the same area over 9 feet long probably 300 lbs that's a fish eating machine well was Lol but there are tons out there when your running down the lake and your hitting these creatures with your boat it's bad if you ask me no rocket science in that equation . Also a pic of some nice blue cats for all the hungry fisherman that eat big bass there are tons of blue cats up to 60 lbs and very good eating . Nock yourselves out .

March 27, 2014    Look who's back this guy killed em again

I had this terminator with me about 2 weeks ago I'm going to pay him to come with me everyday because both times he's fished with me we have caught numbers and quality that's what everybody wants we caught 24 fish this trip I caught the heaviest 8-11 he caught 4 over 7 lbs and we weighed best 5 at 36-7 we didn't really loose any big ones this time we missed 19 bites but I don't think they were of any size . The fishing just keeps improving 70 plus water temp we like it heck the fish like it . Water level is holding right at 277 we need another 8 feet of water we can prey .


March 30, 2014    Catching little fish and big fish .

Well we are catching numbers of little fish and a few big ones as well some people complain about catching little fish I will take every single little or big fish we can get its a lot more fun catching fish than out fishing dead water all day in my opinion that is and I believe we will be catching over 30 fish a day pretty soon we had 20 bites sat on a slow day landed 10 and in 3 hours sund morning we landed 12 out of 21 but wind started howling and clients said were driving home early after Olivia caught her PB 6-11 beautiful fish we missed two bigger but we were not disapointed .

March 31, 2014    12 of the best fish caught in march

Here are 12 pictures of some of the better fish caught in march not may lakes out there where you can catch this many heavy fish in one month well in 19 days of fishing .

March 31, 2014    Some more fish from march .

Here are some more fish caught in the month of march .


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