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Fishing With Tim July 2014

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July 6, 2014    Fishing with Javi from Guadalajara .

My good friend and good client Javi flew in from Guadalajara to fish here on falcon with me again he's been fishing here for about 2-1/2 years because as most people kno it's dangerous to go to lakes like bacarac so this is his next option and last year one of his friends caught a 10-7 on a trip with me the best fish we caught this trip was 8-1/2 and he was very happy .

Vino mi buen amigo y buen cliente Javi de Guadalajara a pescar con Migo aqui en la presa falcon ya tiene 2 anyos y medio pescando con Migo .

July 8, 2014    Group trip with father,sons,and daughter

I had a group trip today with Stan the man that's his nickname for today anyways we took out a group from McAllen , Brent ( father) , Collin ( son) , and Courtney ( daughter ) who fished with me and Jerry (F) and his two sons Jensen and Jackson who fished with me last year and we caught a 9-11 last year but only about 8 fish in a half day it was a very windy day on that trip and today was very nice until about 930 we caught 13 in my boat and lost 7 and missed a few bites but it was a great day overall with Courtney catching a 4-1/2 her personal best very early and Collin caught his pb about 4 lbs and Jerry caught a very nice 9-3 and that was his best bass ever and Stan's boat boated 19 lost 5 and missed a few more bites so we had lots of action in 4-1/2 hours Jackson caught his biggest bad ever (pb) which was 6-1/2 and they caught a few more good ones and Jensen lost a big one close to the boat we got to see them get the net ready and right before they got her to the boat she came off but they caught plenty and were all very happy . Fun day on falcon lake .


July 9, 2014    Two half days In one day.

Took out Jose Luis Sr ( Pepe) and Adolfo from San Luis Potosí and they had two more with them Jose Luis Jr ( pepe) and Emiliano we caught 10 fish in the morning and it was slow but we got plenty of bites but tough fishing big fish was at 5 lbs and in the afternoon we caught about 10 fish in 3 hours all from 3 to 5-1/2 lbs but it was still slow . They drove up to falcon to check it out and I think they will be fishing here 2 or 3 times a year thanks guys .

Muchas gracias a Pepe y Adolfo que salieron a pescar con Migo en la mañana y pescamos 10 y el mas grande de 2kos y medio .
Tambien muchas gracias a Pepe Chico y Emilianoque salieron con Migo em la tarde y as camps como 10 lobinas y todos earn de 1 kilo y medio a 2 kilos tres cuatros nada muy grande ahora . Ellos son de San Luis Potosí .

July 12, 2014    Two days with Mike,Will, and Kim .

Took out good friend and client Mike W. he brought his wife Kim for the second time and his son Will for I think the 5 th or 6 th time here on falcon he was 10 on Thursday and turned 11 on Friday what stick he wants to be a fishing guide I think he can start now we caught 24 fish Thursday and 5-1/2 was biggest Kim caught one about 5 lbs and lost one about 6 lbs her personal best was 5-12 with me last year Mike caught lots of fish nothing over 4 lbs and Will caught 5 fish biggest was 4-1/2 on Friday we caught 19 fish Will wanted to beat his personal best 9.24 and he had a 9-1 last year also we didn't break his pb best but he caught 5 good fish and best was close to 5 lbs they fished sat on their own on the areas I showed them and they caught 26 fish with Kim and will catching I think 6 a peice but once again big fish landed was 5-1/2 we broke off and lost 2 or 3 big fish each day but no luck on landing one thanks again for fishing with me folks.

El jueves y viernrs me toco pescar con Mike y su hijo Will que cumple 11 Anos el viernes que buen pescador y tambien Mama Kim pescamos 24 lobinas el jueves y 19 el viernes y sanado pescaron 26 . El viernes Will quieria pescar una lobina arriva de 9.24 porque el ano pasado Pesco UNO de 9-1 y el mas grande de su vida 9.24 y no Pesco nada arriva de 5-1/2 pero bien contento .


July 19, 2014    Good fishing with good friends .

Had my good friends and clients down from New Mexico Dave and George we caught around 25 fish on a full day Wendsday and 15 on a short day Thursday they had to leave early because of bad weather and problems with their flight schedule we caught some quality fish 10-2 and an 8 and 3 more in the 5 to 6 lb range we missed a few fish not many and on Thursday morning we caught 1 seven lb fish and a 5 from 6 to 11 am . Now that may not seem like we smoked em but I guarantee that 34-11 on 5 fish on a slow day with 25 fish and some mean 3 and 4s mixed in with a dd you can't duplicate that on many lakes in the US but maybe 4 or 5 but it would be a killer day on those 4 or 5 lakes if there's that many that could compare . The water is clearing up and I will be posting some 40 plus stringers either with clients or on my own on scouting trips so right now is when you want to come catch some big fish . Ps also a picture of a tiger muskee in New Mexico thanks to George it's a beautiful fish had to post it.


July 26, 2014    Fished with Dan and Donald .

Took out Dan and Donald from Louisiana we caught 20 but missed probably 25 bites so we had a slow day we could have had a very good day but it happens we caught a 7-4 on the first day which was Dans personal best and a couple in the 3 to 4 lb range on the second day in 3-1/2 hours we caught 10 fish with a 7 by Dan and we caught a 6 and two fours and missed a few fish as well . 45 bites in a full day is a busy day but if we don't hook those 25 missed fish there's no way to be sure what size they were and 20 or more bites in a very short day well we should of had a very good day as well but it comes down to good hook sets and putting fish in the boat .

July 30, 2014    Fished with father and son Lee and Lucas

Took out Lee and his son Lucas this is their 4 th or 5 th trip with me to falcon in about a year and on their first trip last year we caught lots of big fish with Lee catching a pb 7-14 and he lost a fish over 11 lbs and Lucas caught a 10-2 which is his pb and he caught a few more nice ones that day as well and on this trip Lucas caught 10 fish with a 6-14,6-4,and two about 4-1/2 lbs Lee caught a 7-4 and about 10 fish in all and we caught a total of 26 and missed maybe 15 thanks guys for fishing falcon with me again .


July 15, 2014    Scouting with Tommy.

I had a cancelation so I went out with tommy to look around . We caught at least 65 fish. Numbers were a little off but we were looking for big fish and left the numbers biting.we had a 9-2 right off the bat and a 6 by 930 am then we caught plenty of 3 to 5 lb fish the rest of the day. We ended up with a 30 lb stringer on a slowed day as of late here on falcon lake.


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