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Fishing With Tim August 2014

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August 5, 2014    Catching lots of fish .

Fished with Mark and his son Alex and Mark caught his personal best 8-14 and we caught right at 20 fish in a half day . Fished with Luis and Danny from Laredo and we had over 40 bites easy but only landed 22 . And a few selfys I hate that word . Lots of action even on a half day and the heat does not get real bad until 230 and we are starting at 615 so even on a full day we are done by 215 or 230

Estamos pescando vastantes pescados de 20 a 40 Por dia vastante action 40 a 50 bites Por dia y el valor no se pone fuerte hast como las 230 y para esa hora ya acavamos . Vengan a pescar con Migo .

August 7, 2014    Catching more than fishing .

Scouting trip pays off 35 fish by myself in 7 hours 11 casts in a row with a 3 to 5 lb fish that's a lot off fun caught an 8 and two 6 lb fish and probably 5 in the 5 lb range the rest were 3 and 4 lbs this lake is going to be very good next year it's getting good right now but who knos how many 4 to 6 lb fish we will be catching next year and a few 7 to 10 lb fish as well .


August 11, 2014    Hot day and lots of fish .

Caught 31 missed over 25 easy busted 3 big ones and missed at least 4 more big fish but still put 33 lbs in the boat 8-11,8-3,6-2,5-4,4-10 for 32-14 but we should have broke 40 lbs on best 5 easy lots of fun even on a warm day. Mike and his son Will are pros so we didn't take pictures of 3 and 4 pounders and we caught plenty.

August 12, 2014    Mike and his son Will the big stick .

Caught 27 fish today had around 50 bites in all and 26-1/2 lbs on best 5 fish with a 6-6 the heaviest and we had a 5-3/4 and 5-1/2 double today that's fun and plenty of fish in the 4 to 5 lb range lots of fun .

Pescamos 27 ahora y mas de 50 bites el mas pesado 6 Libras y medio various de 4 a5 Libras .

August 21, 2014    Fished with Rick again.

Just me and Rick in the boat and we got bit everywhere we went but we must have missed at least 70 In two days but we tried all kinds of techniques but still had trouble getting a good hook into the fish and 90 percent of the time when we hooked on the hook was in the bottom lip and I've never liked how it goes when your sticking fish in the bottom lip we had a ball anyways this lakes futer is starting to shine people don't kno how good it's going to be in the next few years . Thanks Rick for fishing with me again.

August 22, 2014    Scouting trip with Ram .

Went out on Thursday the 21 st with Ram and we caught around 20 fish in half a day about 6 hours of fishing just checking water I had not fished and eliminating areas and we did ok with 3 nice doubles and some fish up to 4 to 5 lbs but we didn't fish any of my good areas it was a fun day on the lake . Will post Fridays scouting trip with Ram soon .

August 23, 2014    Out again with Ramboy on Friday scouting

Back on the water again with Ram on Friday looking for new areas because in sept I'm going to be real busy casting and blasting catching bass and shooting dove and I will need lots of good areas to make sure I have plenty of fish go those trips and nobody is coming for trips for the last two weeks so might as well go out and hit these fish while they are biting .


August 26, 2014    Out with Ram again .

Nobody coming down to fish trips right now and the fishing has been very good we can catch 40 on a good day and usually I've 20 on a slow day we caught right at 20 today looking for new water no big ones just a few close to 5 lbs .

August 27, 2014    Fished with a friend today looking aroun

Went out again today and in 6 hours we caught around 25 fish and close to 30 lbs on best 5 with a 7 and an 8 fishing is very good and we can catch 40 on a real good day and 25 on a decent day and close to 20 fish on a slow day .

Pescamos como 25 ahora em 6 horas y como 30 Libras con Los 5 mas grande po demos pescar 40 pescados em in dia bueno y mad de 20 casi todo Los Dias.


August 30, 2014    Wacked em today .

Caught 30 fish in 4 hours with a 9-6 kicker then went looking around for 3 more hours and ended the day close to 40 fish and over 60 bites in 7 hours falcon is better than any lake in the U S and its safe . Come check it out its getting better and better every week .


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