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Fishing With Tim January 2015

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January 6, 2015    3 trips in the last 10 days .

On the 28 th of December I took out Bill and his son they are from South Carolina . We caught rain and cold north wind and fishing was slow . We boated 8 fish and lost 3 or 4 and had another 10 or 15 bites but fish were not aggressive . Thanks for coming to falcon Bill and Dereck . On jan 4 th I had a couple of locals pre fishing for a club tourney and weather was not real good . We caught 7 fish and I lost a decent fish but slow fishing. On jan 6 I took out Joe and his wife Ann from Iowa and it was real slow we only caught a few fish and we had 15 or 20 bites but fish just would not hold on . Thanks Joe and Ann for fishing with me . Water temp is 53 main lake when water warms up a little fishing will pick up. I don't post many bad reports because we usually catch em here on falcon but cold water is the worst for these fish so it slows down the bite .


January 20, 2015    Two slow days.

I just got back from amistad and won my federation tourney (1st place and big bass) and I took out Rick on Monday and we caught 12 fish then on Tuesday I took Dave and Flemming from Canada out for a half day trip and we just caught a few fish . The biggest fish landed on mon was about 3-1/2 and we lost 1 big fish . On Tuesday we caught a fish close to 4 lbs but didnt loose any good ones . I asked Dave and Flemming to come back next week so we would make up for very slow trip and they will come back . The fishing is going to pick up as soon as water temp gets warmer .


January 25, 2015    Good sack with 4 big ones.

I was catching buck bass from 12 to about 4 pm then the switch was flipped the big girls (toads , hogs, pigs , anything you want to name em except a W) started to eat I caught an 8-15 a 6-9 a 9-5 and a 6-15 in about 20 min and I think I could have caught more but I left em eating because I have trips coming up and that's the whole reason I was out some yesterday and all day today burning gas was to find fish for trips like I always do . I never go out on trips without scouting . In the long run I make less of a profit but at least I'm confident that fishing good water and not just hoping the fish are there because as we all kno they do move . We have warm weather and a full moon coming so I'm predicting some big fish will be caught in the next 8 to 10 days lets hope it happens . I posted two pics of some big fish caught this last week I'm not sure how big the one is held up by the pretty blind but the big one was 11-11 and the week before another guide caught an 11.04 nice fish Billy.


January 28, 2015    Dave and Flemming from Canada back again

Dave and Flemming fished with me last week and we didnt have a good day so I convinced em to come back again this week because weather looked great and we didnt catch many this trip either . That's the way it goes this time of year hit and miss . Monday I killed em in the afternoon and yesterday I took a local on a scouting trip and we got plenty of bites most small and caught a few and watched a few people land a couple of big ones and herd of other people catching some big ones and today most that I talked to skunked it up . Dave and Flemming are to great guys and I think they will come back and fair better next time . Thanks fellas had fun fishing with you .

January 25, 2015    Pre fishing champs and wacking crappie

I've been busy helping out some tournament customers and I've had some crappie and white bass trips and we are smacking them. I caught a 3.31 today and lost one over 4 lbs easy . The bass fishing is good and its fixing to blow up with warmer weather coming.


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