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Fishing With Tim February 2015

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February 2, 2015    Bill from Illinois great fisherman

Bill came down and fished 3 days with me and I thought I was prepared to give him a great trip . He said he enjoyed the trip but I wanted to do so much better because he's a great person and and I owe him my best effort . We caught 10 or 12 fish sat I lost a decent fish on a moving bate and the plastic bite was dead . No picture fish sat . Sunday we went to a creek that was crowded and I knew this but it's where most of the action is right now and we caught 18 or 22 or something like that and we had ups and downs with flurries of bites and lulls . Bill had a big fish on he estimated over 8 maybe 9 lbs and she came off and I missed two heavy fish flipping and I think our biggest fish landed was a little under 4 lbs . So no pics Sunday. Yesterday we caught 8 and it was a grind and we had close to 20 lbs on best 5 with Bill catching a nice 7 and I lost a decent fish again. But the cold really had an affect on the fish . Bill is coming back 3 days in march and I'm betting we smack em I'm posting his picture fish and some fish he caught last spring on some areas I showed him . Thanks Bill .


February 5, 2015    Had a good day Wendsday

Caught 6 good fish on Wendsday . Went out scouting and looked at a good are for one of my clients who couldn't get down to fish but he was very happy with what I caught and sent pictures of he should do very well in an upcoming tournament .


February 8, 2015    Fred and the G-man .

Gonzalo and Fred they are regulars and are going to kno the lake from one end to the other pretty soon. They did pretty good in a club tourney today I think Fred got 2 nd place with 11 lbs on 2 fish that's a good average I'm not sure if they lost any fish or broke any off .


February 13, 2015    Two 11 s in the last couple of days

Here are two fish over 11 caught in less than a week and maybe 150 people fishing on a lake 3 times bigger than fork so do the math 150 people a day on about 65 thousand acres of water and on fork you will have over a thousand people fishing on any given day to catch maybe 1 ten lb fish I think math is very direct and to the point. We are going to be catching some bigger fish here in the next few weeks . Come get you some . I'm posting some of the pics from other guides just because they are great pics and I was not here to post any .


February 22, 2015    Big fish are spread out .

Here's feed holding a big one. We have been catching lots of small fish unless we decide to go hang hunting and most people come to falcon for that reason . Some fish are starting to show up deep on the rocks but really hard to locate and even harder to catch . The big tournament was here this weekend and the weights were way down from what most guides expected . 26 lbs or so won it with a 10-1/2 kicker and big bass winner . Rumors of a 29 lb stringer weighed in but for some reason was not accepted but not sure about that . But 29 lbs is still under what most thought would win I personally expected 34 lbs or more would win but that's fishing.


February 27, 2015    Bad weather and high pressure

Fished with Rick and Terry again and it was slow we got a good fish close to 8 lbs first thing Thursday morning caught by terry but after that it was a slow grind and we still had fun . Terry and Rick are the best and will be back when things settle down and get better thanks guys and I'm posting some pics from a past trip as well .


February 20, 2015    Great friends and clients.

Terry and Rick are back again and we really struggled today after we boated over 40 and had 70 bites the day before with Levi and Charly today we only boated about 25 and had about 45 bites but most were small. Just a slow day what can you do .


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