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Fishing With Tim October 2015

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October 5, 2015    Took out my nephew Robert.

Went out with my nephew Robert to see how the fish were doing after 3 straight weekends of lots of boats fishing tournaments. And it seems that it has slowed just a little but the fish will be back to normal in a week after all the people dissapear .

October 11, 2015    Took out Robert and Christian.

Took out two of my nephews and we had a blast we caught 65 fish in 3-1/2 hours and had a 32 lb bag on best 5 fish . Big fish was right at 9 lbs and we had one right under 8 as well . Fishing is awesome on falcon right now.


October 18, 2015    Bill came down to dove hunt and caught a

Fished with Richard and Jenny on Tuesday and we caught plenty of decent fish and we lost a 7 plus and a couple if good ones as well had a blast with them .

Bill came down from Illinois with his family to do some dove hunting and we decided to fish as well and it really paid off with a toad that weighed 11 lbs even what a beautiful fish .


October 19, 2015    Just got off the phone and lots of deer

Here are some pictures of some bucks that we are selling hunts for this year . We will have more pics later.

October 31, 2015    October is gone what a month.

Fished a few days with capt. Willy and Dr. Fish killer (Bob) and we had a blast we caught around 30 fish per day and capt. Willy figured out that flipping is a lot of fun even if you don't land em . Thanks fellas hope to see you guys again some day.

Dave is a reg from New Mexico and we didnt boat the big ones but he seems to be excited about all the little fish growing up quick as we all are. It's simple math mean little fish eating everyday grow up quick and lots of them so look out.


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