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Fishing With Tim February 2016

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February 5, 2016    Getting back to catch big bass.

The crappie fishing has been awesome and I have a couple more trips for this year and I'm starting to get back to big bass and boy are they fat I'm very excited because we are going to hook up with some toads real soon these fish are about to explode and I'm ready for a sharelunker not just a 10 or 11 lb fish I'm talking over 13 lbs easy I kno if we hook up with a 26 inch fish or longer its going to go over 13 or 14 lbs . In the last 2 years I've told a lot of my regular clients not to come at different times of the year because the fishing was not what I needed it to be so they would have a good trip well this year and the next few years I don't see that happening very often except when the weather is predicted to be very bad . This lake is already starting to blow up I caught 25 crappie in 2 hours on Thursday morning actually 40 but I kept 25 good ones then I caught 40 white bass in 1-1/2 hours and kept my limit and I gave those to a friend who wanted fish then in two hours after that I caught a 32-1/lb stringer of largemouth bass on best 5 and caught around 20 fish you just can't do that on hardly any lake out there .im booked up in feb almost 20 days and just a few left open and same in march about 15 booked and about 7 days left open so get in touch with me before its to late for some great days during the spawn. Steven fished with me on Wendsday and we caught about 20 in a short half day we had some 4 s and 5 s and he had a big fish take the rod out of his hand and Steve in a stout man he's a retired ver of 22 years and drives 18 wheelers for a living so he's no slouch but these big fish are strong.


February 11, 2016    Two crappie trips and 2 bass trips.

Took Duane and his son Tri out and we caught over 40 crappie but only 35 keepers and a big white bad 2.17 that's big for a white bass and it was a fun day .
Fished two days with Bill from Illinois and we caught 35 fish the first day with 56 water temp and 20 plus north wind we didnt catch many fish over 4 lbs but we did pretty good considering the weather.
On our 2 nd trip we caught over 30 fish and it was 58 water temp and once again just a few close to 4 lbs but we did have a big one get in the trees .
On my last crappie trip for a while I took out Luis from Laredo and we caught over 30 crappie but only 20 big keepers and we caught 25 white bass as well.

February 14, 2016    Cast and blast with Sissy and Jeff .

Jeff and Sissy came down from Nebraska to shoot hogs and catch hogs. Well Sissy got her hog and he had big tusks and that's what she wanted but we couldn't get one for Jeff . We fished two days and caught around 45 the first day but missed a lot of fish including a 6 plus that was in the net and jumped out I'm still sick about that and sissy lost a big fish in the morning first fish of the day it got in a tree and got off quick and Jeff lost a big fish after lunch and she just pulled off but we had a great day. The second day we caught right at 30 fish and missed a few small ones and Jeff caught a nice one and lost one at 6 lbs and another at 4 lbs . Jeff wanted a 10 pounder but things were not perfect for that dd right now. I really enjoyed hunting and fishing with these two they are great people. I wi be offering hog, coyote, bobcat, and exotic hunts during the summer time so if your interested let me kno.


February 16, 2016    Another good trip with Bill.

Fished with Bill from Illinois again and we caught around 35 fish and caught some nice fish from 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 lbs and lost a couple of that sized fish but we didnt that real big bite that we have been looking for . It is coming sooner than later.


February 18, 2016    Levi and Charly from Kansas .

Fished with Levi and Charly from Kansas and we had a lot of bites maybe 70 and we missed at least 3 good ones and only boated a few good ones but we had a good time. They will be here for a few more days on their own and I hope they both get a toad.


February 20, 2016    Great friends and clients.

Terry and Rick are back again and we really struggled today after we boated over 40 and had 70 bites the day before with Levi and Charly today we only boated about 25 and had about 45 bites but most were small. Just a slow day what can you do .


February 22, 2016    Rick and Terry for two days .

On Sunday we boated over 40 fish but nothing over 4-1/2 and we didnt loose any big fish either. Most were 2 to 3 lbs . Today we caught close to 50 with a 4-1/2 biggest landed but we did loose a fish over 9 lbs and a few other decent fish. But we only fished 4-1/2 hours today and we had lots of fun . Rick and Terry are great friend and great clients I really enjoy fishing with them . Thanks fellas I owe you some big fish .


February 25, 2016    Jeff and Steve catch a slow day.

I don't like to post bad reports but fishing is fishing and your going to have a bad day now and then either fishing falcon or sugar or any other lake and it was slow today 18 or 20 fish caught but we had 3 good fish today and the most important thing is that Jeff and Steve had a great time they were just happy to be out in nice warm weather. We will catch em tomorow and the reason these fish are slow is because they are finished up shallow and it takes em a while to get going again we have to get in the right area at the right time. I want to congratulate my good friend and client Javi Barba who recently on feb 20 th broke the couchillo record with a 6.6 kilo or in English a 14.9 beast great job Javi . Also a picture of Sissys Hog skull which will be a European mount after its glued back together she destroyed this hog with a 7 mm mag great job. P. S. the crappie are still around.

February 27, 2016    Two more days with Jeff and Steve.

Sat we boated around 35 fish with biggest weight 7 lbs and we had a 23 lb stringer and we really had great time catching fish . On Sunday it was slow again with around 15 fish biggest over 5 lbs . On Friday it was all Jeff then sat it was all Steve and on Sunday it was all me because I was working hard to get on a steady bite but we couldn't get one so I would catch a fish here and there . It's a strange thing when only 1 person out of 3 or 4 people in the boat can catch em and its usually a different person each day but in the end it's all good because real fisherman really enjoy watching other people catch fish even if they can't catch em . I had a wonderful time with Steve and Jeff I hope to see em again real soon .


February 29, 2016    Don and Mike from Arkansas and Bill.

Don and Mike are back again on falcon lake they come down almost every year and they love this place. We didnt hammer the fish today but I put them on a few decent fish and we set the hook on one that we couldn't budge and of course we didnt catch her but we will and they will fish on their own for 5 more days and we should see some more pictures of them before they leave. And Mr Bill from Illinois is still here and still catching nice fish and I took a few pictures of his today great job Bill. Save some for the rest of us Lol.


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