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Fishing With Tim March 2016

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March 1, 2016    March starts off with a DD from Steve.

Steve and Steve from Kansas show up and Steve R catches a 10.5 and Steve L looses one probably just as big but that's fishing in the jungle it happens .
Also a nice fish from Bill and one from Mike they are here fishing my areas in their boats after they fished with me.


March 2, 2016    Good day for numbers for the Steve's

The Steve's caught close to 40 fish today and a few good ones and Steve L lost another real big fish in 3 feet of water she just pulled off .
And big fish Bill from Illinois had a 30 lb plus bag with a 9 and another close to 7 great job guys .


March 4, 2016    Good day of scouting.

Went to look at some areas that I have not fished in over 5 years because of lower water levels and it paid off . I didn't catch a ton of fish but I caught a 34 lb bag and a 5-4 that was to small to make in top 5 bag with the heaviest just over 8 lbs march is looking real good .
And another nice fish from Bill


March 5, 2016    Bill was with me today .

Fished with Bill again and he lost a 9 lb fish right off the bat then I landed a 7 and it slowed a little after that but we caught 45 or 50 fish and had a 26-1/2 lb bag but the 9 would have given us 31-1/2 . Falcon is really starting to fire up its getting better and better .


March 8, 2016    Juan, Chago , and Joel.

Fought the wind yesterday and finished with about 40 fish heaviest about 6-1/2 decent day for the conditions. Juan and his brother Chago and Chagos brother in law Joel from Michigan all had a good time and will be back this summer thanks guys. Oh and Bill with another toad.


March 10, 2016    Wendsday Thursday weather cancelation.

Had Will and Billy from Houston set up for Wendsday and Thursday but Mother Nature scared them off . On Thursday Rick was driving thru town so we fished from 9 am tu1 pm and we caught around 30 fish and Rick landed the heaviest around 4-1/2 lbs thanks Rick.
Also some picks of some big axis deer we will be selling hunts for these deer in the near future.


March 12, 2016    Rick . M. and David for 2 days.

Rick is a veteran with me for about 5 years now and this is David's 2 nd rodeo with me. Rick got some of the better fish in the boat but still missed a few opportunities and so did I on Friday we lost both big fish and on sat we landed 2 out of 10 big bites that's not a good percentage but what can you do. David broke 2 off and had 2 pull off to.


March 14, 2016    Fishing on my birthday with Gonzalo

Fished with Gonzalo and we caught lots of fish and big fish . Overall just a great day out on the water with a great friend . I lost one very big fish in the trees but we landed a few and then we caught about 40 crappie and at least 20 bass and a few white bass off of the same area the last hour and a half of the day . Great fun on the water.


March 16, 2016    Dave and George-Ruben and Victoria.

Fished Dave and George on Tuesday and we caught around 30 fish it was a little slow for us.
I fished Ruben and Victoria on Wendsday for a a half day and we caught about 30 as well
I will be fishing with one of Tommy's clients on sugar today and on sugar with Dave and George on Friday .
A picture of another axis buck that we will probably be hunting this summer.


March 21, 2016    Some scouting and a trip on sugar

Went over and fished with Tommy on sugar and we had 10 or 11 fish just destroy us in the trees . What a crazy lake crazy good that is I thought I would neve fish a lake better than falcon but right now sugar is better. I took some clients to sugar the next day and we caught 35 fish or so missed maybe 30 fish but never hooked up with a big one and I'm going to blame the equipment not the fisherman I only fished for maybe 45 min all day and missed 1 big bite but I'm not sure how many times they set the hook and their rods doubled over and the weights never pulled thru the fishs mouth go figure. Also a couple of fish that tommy caught the same day besides a 12 plus that they broke off.


March 24, 2016    Just finished a couple day with Doug

Doug came all the way from Canada to fish falcon . What a great guy and a very good fisherman . We were both very disapointed that he didnt get his personal best In two days here and the fishing really dropped off for some reason I guess you can blame me for that . We caught around 25 or 30 the first day and right at 20 on the second day but couldn't get a big bite at all . Also I just got back from coleto creek where I won another federation tournament by over 3 lbs ahead of 2 nd place.


March 25, 2016    Sugar lake crazy sugar lake

Went to sugar with Pete and Bobby to battle some big fish and we lost. We broke off 3 very big fish in the first 30 min and I lost another and we landed a 7. We caught over 70 fish and broke off at least 8 big ones and I lost a 9 and a 10 that we got a good look at these fish are crazy strong I have to figure out how to put these fish in the boat .


March 28, 2016    Fished with Roy on Easter Sunday.

Went out with Roy on Easter and we smacked em we caught 52 lost over 20 and had over 100 bites and most were decent quality 2 to 6 lbs not 6 to 12 inch fish on drop shot or rattle traps lots of fun. Roy is coming back in a few days for a sugar trip .
Went out scouting two days on my own and caught over 50 fish both days this lake is cranking up again.


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