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Fishing With Tim April 2016

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April 3, 2016    Sugar lake is awesome .

We had a decent for sugar lake and it would be an epic day anywhere else but it was just a decent day of fishing for that lake . The few clients that have fished there with me have all told me that I ruined them because they don't want to fish anywhere else and if I didn't live on falcon I probably would fish at all unless I was going back to sugar . You need to come experience it before people kill all these big mean fish and I can see it already word is getting out and people are coming and catching 10 to 14 lb bass and keeping them in their live wells all day and killing them so don't wait a few months you need to get over there quick it's that good it's a bass trip of a lifetime even if you don't land the monsters.


April 6, 2016    Bob and Loren from Minnesota not Michiga

Fished falcon with Bob and Loren from Minnesota who are living in Florida right now and we caught a slow day with 20 fish and 23 lbs on best 5 . We had a good time for a slow day of fishing but we will do a lot better tomorow and Friday I promise.

P.S. we are going to sugar tomorow .

April 7, 2016    Bob and Loren on sugar .

Took Bob and Loren to sugar and we had a decent day for that lake with 75 fish in the boat and lost at least 25 that we had on and had another 40 bites as well. The best fish landed was a 10-1 and we had a 9-11 as well and a 42-1/2 lb stringer on best 5 fish . Bob got his 2 nd best fish ever with a 10-1 I think his personal best is 10-8 and Loren tied his personal best wit an 8-5 . Sugar is fishing really good right now come and get it


April 8, 2016    Another shot at falcon with Bob & Loren

We caught an 8-2 for the first fish of the day actually it was the 2 nd fish because Bob snagged a nice threadfin shad right before that and we got a kick out of that . We ended up with 26 lbs on best 5 and caught right at 35 fish it was a little slow again here on falcon but we had a fun day thanks fellas hope to see you again soon.


April 12, 2016    Scouting two days for champs.

Did some good scouting with my clients that are fishing champs. Right at 30 lbs without a kicker on Monday and 24 lbs and no kickers on Tuesday but they caught an 11 on Thursday on their own running the pattern

April 14, 2016    A day and a half on sugar.

Fished my good friends Charles and Luis on sugar we got 3-1/2 hours on the water Wendsday then rain and cold north wind pushed us off but we caught 33 and had an 8-1/2 and busted off a real big fish. On Thursday we ran to our first spot and caught 20 then I had engine trouble and we used the trolling motor all day and caught 83 in all with two ten pounders and a 41 lb bag and lost 5 very big fish . I don't think there are any lakes besides sugar that you can do that with your trolling motor. I'm getting my boat fixed so I can get back at these monsters .


April 24, 2016    Rolando and Ron.

Fished with Rolando and Ron out of Laredo and we lost a big fish right off the bat then we lost a 5 and a 7 but we finally started catching fish and ended up with 45 fish in about 4 hours of fishing and about 24 lbs on 5 with a 6 for biggest fish boated but we would have weighed at least 29 with two 5 a and a 7 that we saw and who knows about the big fish we lost that we didnt get a good look at thanks fellas I had a blast with u guys.

April 27, 2016    Went to sugar for 2 days with Mike.

Monday was slow we boated a 9-14 and an 8 and caught 65 fish but we worked for them. We had a 33 lb stringer with our best 5 but on Tuesday we caught 120 fish and a 10-1 , 9-12, 9-2, and 8 and a 7 for a 44 lb stringer . That's a decent day of fishing.


April 4, 2016    Posts from April .

No giants but a few decent fish.


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