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Fishing With Tim May 2016

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May 13, 2016    Scouting on falcon .

Two days on falcon looking around and what can I say but awesome. Caught over 100 fish both days and 30 plus stringers and should have broke 40 on one of those days .lots of 3 to 5 lb fish and decent numbers of 6 to 10 plus fish if u can land the big ones .
Also a couple of pictures of a short windy trip with Bill.

May 14, 2016    Two days on sugar with Charles and Luis

I love fishing with these two fellas Luis has broken his personal best 4 times last year and this year and is at a 10-6 right now I'm looking for a monster for Charles his is 12-3/4 on another lake years ago but I think I can break it on sugar or even Falcon because falcon is waking up. Thanks again my good friends for fishing with me.

P.S. not enough room for all the pictures.
We caught 125 fish on two very windy days with a 36 and a 37 lb stringer and a 10-6 for big fish.

May 16, 2016    Two more real good scouting trips.

Went out Friday and today and caught over 100 fish Friday and right at 100 fish today by myself with an 11-1 today I'm mixing up my reports but all you have to do is come fish falcon right now and you will see how good it is fishing . It's been a while since I have mentioned catching 10 lb plus fish or 40 lb stringers here but it's happening and out of 100 fish half are 3 to 5 lbs and a good number of 6 lb plus fish as well that's better than any lake In the US hands down and with sugar right down the road it's a no brainer come get some here or there its worth it right now.


May 20, 2016    Tommy and Aaron on fslcon

We landed 65 fish and had over 90 bites we lost a very big fish she just pulled off and had about 10 fish over 5 lbs in all 6-12 was heaviest landed and a 30 lb stringer on best 5 . Aaron and myself had a ball catching fish while Tommy worked on the phone most of the day like he always does . Thanks Tommy for bring your guys down I will be with Eddie and James tommorow who fished with Carlos today and they had almost the exact same day we had and the fish were just a little off so we will see how it goes today.


May 21, 2016    Fished with Eddie and James today.

Took out Eddie and James today and we boated at least 45 fish from 630 am to 11 am as they had to get on the road early . We had lots of small fish today but about 20 fish were 3 to 5 lbs and we didnt land any big ones out of the 3 good fish we had on. Hope to see u guys again soon thanks fellas.

Also a picture of my website manager Feank with a 24 lb flat head on Toledo bend .
Coming soon axis deer and other exotic hunts .
Ones the time to book hog or whitetail hunts and don't forget about crappie trips in the fall.


May 23, 2016    Roy was here again . Rosie and Clayton .

Took out Roy again and we caught plenty of fish and a couple of big ones . Roy is really a great guy and a great fisherman.

Went out with Rosie and Clayton and we had a blast especially Rosie thanks for fishing with me.


May 25, 2016    Fished Rolando . Out with guys for API.

Roland and caught a few fish but it slowed down a little.

We caught some big fish preping for a big tournament.

Mike and Corbit came in for Labor Day weekend .

May 31, 2016    Raymond and his son Drake.

Two days on sugar with Raymond and Drake and on first day on Monday Drake caught his personal best 8-10 then an hour later Raymond caught an 8-2 for his personal best and then Drake lost a monster right at the boat . We caught 105 fish and 33 lbs on 5 on Monday and 85 fish on Tuesday and 33-1/2 lbs on Tuesday . We had a good time .


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