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Fishing With Tim September 2016

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September 1, 2016    Sept is one of the best months

Fished with Luis for 7 hours and we boated 95 fish and a 37-1/2 lb stringer . I've broken 50 lbs on falcon within 6 days in sept so this is the month you want to fish. The days are cooling off and big girls are getting active.


September 2, 2016    Forty lb stringer it's been a while .

I've had a shot by myself and with clients at a forty lb stringer about 5 or 6 times in the last few months and today I finally got em in the boat and still missed an 8-1/2 lb fish. 9-6,8-10,8-2,7-4,6-14 for 40 lbs 4 oz. falcon is really getting in hear . The big fish are getting active again. Mainly because the weather is cooling down a little. Now is the time to be here.

September 4, 2016    Another 100 plus fish day.

Went out with some tournament guys and we caught two close to 9 lbs and 33 lbs Lom best 5 and over 100 fish. Falcon is kicking out numbers and size. And dove season is starting up so come get some cast and blast .


September 10, 2016    Heck of a day with Bryan and Curtis

Sat I fished Bryan and his brother Curtis and we killed em. We caught over 150 fish easy and had about 26-1/2 lbs on best 5 but we lost two over 6 lbs that would have given us a bag over 30 lbs . Over all the big bite was a little off but the 1 to 4 ponders were eating good.


September 13, 2016    Nice scouting trip today.

I really didnt need to go out scouting today but there are so many hungry fish out there right now and I don't have a lot of trips lined up and not many boats on the water so I went out and smacked a little. In 5-1/2 hours caught 90 or so fish had 36 or 37 lbs biggest fish was 9-8 but I screwed up and took a bad picture with my phone I had the cares turned around and got nothing but blue sky and water. Folks I don't say this a lot . You need to get your butts down here and come fish with me . I could charge you 5 hundred or 600 or 700 a day on falcon and you would not feel cheated at the end of the day but your arms will be hurting from fighting fish I guarantee . I just don't kno how long it will last.


September 16, 2016    Scouting with Tommy.

I had a cancelation so I went out with tommy to look around . We caught at least 65 fish. Numbers were a little off but we were looking for big fish and left the numbers biting.we had a 9-2 right off the bat and a 6 by 930 am then we caught plenty of 3 to 5 lb fish the rest of the day. We ended up with a 30 lb stringer on a slowed day as of late here on falcon lake.


September 17, 2016    Fished Bill, Cameron , and Mike.

I took out Bill and his nephew Cameron and a friend of there's Mike. We wacked on em early and often . In all we bated 159 fish and had a 28-3/4 lb stringer with a 7-4 kicker caught by Mike which was his personal best. Everybody in the boat caught from 30 to 50 fish a peice and everyone had a few quality fish from 3-1/2 to 5 lbs as well .


September 30, 2016    Last few pictures from sept.

Have not been posting in the last week and a half because I was out of town on another lake fishing a small tournament. Fishing is still crazy good on falcon even after the rain we just had. Try to get down here before the weather really cools off the bite.


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