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Fishing With Tim October 2016

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October 4, 2016    Carlos junior , sr and his uncle.

Caught about 60 fish with Carlos jr and sr and his uncle. It's great when the kids catch em. And we are getting ready to start blasting.


October 5, 2016    Luis am cast . Bill and Chris pm blast.

Fished Luis in the morning and caught numbers not a lot of size.

Blasted in the afternoon with Bill and his son Chris what fun . And Bill has been catching some big ones on his areas and mine.


October 6, 2016    Went out in my boat with John. Afternoon

We caught em pretty good . Come get some its still going.

Another good afternoon of dove hunting with Bill and Chris .


October 7, 2016    Mark and Luis .

San Antonio boys came down and smacked em. Mark and Luis caught a lot of fish 92. But it was a 100 fish day easy as we lost about 35 fish or do thanks fellas come back soon.


October 8, 2016    Scott and Lisa and a beautiful day .

What a beautiful day to be alive and on the water with wonderful people . We had a great day and we even caught a few fish about 40 in all . Yes fishing was just a little slow with our first little front of the year but who cares. I can't wait to get Scott and Lisa on some numbers of good fish they deserve if.

October 10, 2016    Martin and Ralph enough said.

These fellas have been loyal customers for about 8 years and I really appreciate them . And the fishing is finally getting back to world class do we will probably see then a little more often.

Two days with these great guys and how cool that they fly into Z-town just to fish the falcon lake.


October 12, 2016    Billy and Shian.

And another great friend and loyal customer for two days of blasting and casting and a personal best 10-3. We hammered the dove and caught plenty of fish both days and some nice ones. It's really relaxing come try it.

Check out Billy's ride very cool.

October 15, 2016    Fished two days with Bryan and Dustin .

Had two pretty good days with Bryan and Dustin . We caught em pretty good the first day with a 36 lb stringer and broke off 4 big ones and lost another. Dustin caught his personal best 7-1/2 . We caught em decent the 2 nd day and had a 30 lb stringer even after bereaking one off on braid. Thanks for coming down fellas.


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